Can You Put Baking Pan on Grill?

Yes, you can put a baking pan on the grill. Consider it as an oven and use appropriate materials for the pan. Get more information on using baking pans on grills with helpful tips and advice.

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Are you tired of the traditional oven-baked desserts and looking for a fun, creative way to make them?

Grills are a great way to add some smoky flavour to your food and desserts, but many people don’t know that you can use baking pans on a grill.

However, using baking pans on a grill is possible as long as you take certain precautions.

As a baking enthusiast, I’ve experimented with various baking pans on grills to get the best results. I understand how to get the most out of your grill while using your favourite bakeware. In this article, I will share my tips and tricks for safely using baking pans on a grill.

After reading this article, you’ll better understand how to use baking pans on a grill and can cook confidently. Read on to discover more about the versatility of grilling with baking pans.

Can You Put Baking Pan on Grill?

Yes, you can put a baking pan on a grill. However, it is essential to use a thick, warp-resistant aluminum or stainless steel baking sheet. Non-stick sheets should be avoided, as they can emit toxic fumes and be damaged at temperatures above 500°F.

Factors to Keep in Mind When Using Your Baking Pan On The Grill

When it comes to baking on the grill, there are some essential elements that you should keep in mind.

1. Choose the Right Baking Pan

The first thing that you need to consider when choosing a baking pan is the material. It is always preferable that you use a solid metal pan for baking on the grill. Glass and ceramic pans are riskier as there is a high chance that they will shatter due to extremely high temperatures. The standard size of a pan should be 9 inches to 12 inches. A regular round metal pan for cakes or square pans for brownies should do just fine— you don’t need anything fancy.

2. Set the Right Temperature

You always choose charred food with grill marks when using a grill for cooking food. But you don’t want this on your cake or brownies. To avoid the grill marks, ensure that your cake gets indirect heat. It would be best if you heat your grill to the desired temperature for the recipe you are following. Measuring and controlling the temperature may be a little more complicated in a charcoal grill than in a gas or electric grill. Once the grill is heated and reaches the desired temperature, turn off the burner to get more control over the temperature.

3. Get a Metal Rack for Your Grill

You can use both of your burners to heat the grill to the desired temperature and then turn one burner off and adjust the other to maintain the required temperature. To ensure that your baked goodies don’t burn, you need to maintain steady control of the temperature at all times—the best way to do this is through indirect heating. Placing your batter-filled pan on burners off or placing a metal rack on the grill and then placing the batter-filled pan on top helps provide indirect heat and avoids burning.

4. Set a Timer To Avoid Burning The Cake

Set a timer so that you can monitor the cake. Every recipe requires different temperatures and different timings, so make sure you follow the instructions correctly. You can always check later; if necessary, you can ‘bake’ it on the grill a little longer. To check if your cake is made, you can use a toothpick to prick it in various areas and see if it comes out clean and dry.

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How To Line The Pan?

When baking on a grill using a baking pan, lining the pan is essential. You must grease the base and sides with butter or oil and then sprinkle flour. This prevents the cake from sticking to the pan. Lining papers, also known as butter papers, are available and serve the same purpose as preventing cakes from sticking as they are baked.

Grilling Brownies

Brownies are best baked at an indirect and low heat (300° F). The cast iron baking pan ensures that your brownies are evenly cooked, and the low heat ensures that they don’t burn. The key is keeping the lid closed throughout the process and checking them every 10 minutes. Once you’re sure that they are done, you can go ahead and enjoy your delicious brownies on the grill!

Grilling With Baking Pan

Grilling with a baking pan is easy once you have followed all these tips correctly! You can whip up delicious cakes, cookies, pies, pizza, French fries or quiche without having an oven! Baked goods turn out super-delicious when grilled on low heat with an indirect heat source, so go ahead and treat yourself to some freshly-baked goodies from your backyard!


Can You Put a Baking Pan Directly on The Grill?

It is not recommended to put a baking pan directly on the grill. The direct heat can cause the pan to become too hot and potentially cause it to warp or melt. Using a metal rack on the grill, placing your baking pan on top is better.

What Type of Baking Pans Are Best for Grilling?

Solid metal pans are best for grilling, as glass and ceramic pans can shatter due to extreme temperatures. Regular round metal pans for cakes and square pans for brownies will do just fine.

What Temperature Should I Use when Baking on The Grill?

The temperature will depend on the recipe you are following. Generally, for cakes and brownies, you should set the grill to a low temperature of around 300°F and maintain it through indirect heating.

How Do I Know when My Cake Is Done when Baking on The Grill?

To check if your cake is done, use a toothpick to prick it in various areas and see if it comes out clean and dry. You can also set a timer while baking to monitor it more easily.

How Do I Line the Baking Pan when Using It on The Grill?

Grease the base and sides of the pan with butter or oil, then sprinkle flour over it. This prevents the cake from sticking to the pan. Alternatively, you can also use parchment paper or butter paper.

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