Emile Henry Burgundy Italian Bread Baker 13.4 x 5.3

  • The domed lid and ceramic walls trap to ensure that the chamber keeps its moisture inside and prevents it from escaping.
  • since the batter is thin, the ridges on the bottom prevent the dough from sticking
  • Lids are simple to hold.
  • The footprint of the tray fits within the lid for better storage compactness
  • Dishwasher safe.

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Color: Burgundy

Emile Henry Burgundy Italian Bread Baker 13.4 x 5.3 Features

Emile Henry has a long history of ceramic cooking utensils in France since the latter part of the 19th century. Our goods have been produced in Southern Burgundy, France, and they’ve been crafted and engineered for use from natural ingredients for a decade. Our energy-efficient firing techniques result in lower than normal CO2 production. The waste from the department is recycled and used again in the process, while the water from the filtration phase is used in the next processing Over the years, dishes have been made in Marcilly in the South of Burgundy – this has been done by our family for generations. The Workers plan their molds, make their pans, and each one has an Initial painted on the pot. We are honored to bear this challenge and burden, which is shared with all of our employees. Although our Italian artisan bakers grant the customer the customer the opportunity to achieve a good, crisp, doughy loaf, our Italian bakers encourage the customer to make pizza-worthy bread. This lid and refractory ceramic heating get the dry, crispy crust. Handle it to avoid the dough from settling on the bottom to roll it out. any Emile Henry product is manufactured in France and give ten-risk free replacement and free return within ten years

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An artistically decorated and personally addressed bread maker makes outstanding artisan bread with a light and crusty exterior and a dense, airy inside.
The steam condenses on the walls and the dome, resulting in a dry, crisping crust.
Pre-fermented ridges ensure the dough is crispy on the rim. The handles on the lid enable it to be manipulated easily. If grease does not fall off, use dishwasher detergent or soaking it in hot water, and just running it through the wash cycle is what you need to do.
A base should sit securely within the lid to prevent it from rattling around while it’s not in use
Easily cleaned. as a decade ago It is included in the cookbook.

Specification: Emile Henry Burgundy Italian Bread Baker 13.4 x 5.3

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Item Weight

6.61 pounds


Emile Henry

Product Dimensions

13.39 x 5.31 x 5.51 inches

Date First Available

May 24, 2018