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We typically have different sets for planning, heating, and freezing food in our kitchens. Typically, this causes a lot of chaos and takes a lot of room. With the Old World Bakery Collection from Chef Manal Alalem Kitchen, you have built a beautiful all-in-one set to make, present and store produce. The pottery package helps you to cook one-size-fits-all. These Temptations Bakeware Reviews show all these benefits.

This ensures that you can use them to cook the recipe, bake it in the oven, position it on the table, and eventually store the remains in a refrigerator or freezer.

In addition, the sections match each other for fast storage and less uncertainty.

Chef Manal Alalem Kitchen’s Temptations Old World Baking Collection is wonderfully hand-painted with beautiful roses, giving an exquisite touch to your table for dinners with family or special occasions.

The Lid-It technology also incorporates this beautiful dishwasher, microwave, fridge and freezer, healthy baker.

This is multi-use pottery that serves as a plate, deck, trivet or trimming surface. Temptations Old World Baking Collection Multipurpose: Cook, bake, serve, store and heat Oven secure to up to 261°C or 500°F Can not be used on the stovetop or open flame Hand sculpted, painted Easy-to-clean hand-sculpted and colored.

Temptations bakeware reviews

Safe in Oven 

Temp-tation stoneware is secure to the stove and can tolerate temperatures of up to 500°F or 260°C. 

Sustainable in Microwave 

Cook or heat your delicious dishes quickly with Temp-tation stoneware in a microwave 

Fit in fridge and freezer 

Store your remains in the fridge with the same temperature bakery that you cooked in so that next time you can quickly heat again.

Bakery Temp-tations may also be used to cook deserts as Freezer is also compatible! 

Friendly dishwasher 

Don’t panic if you don’t have time to wash ceramics by hand. Their cooking equipment is Dishwasher Safe.

Easily store and save storage 

You can plan, cook, serve, stock, and heat in the same bakery using Temp-tations bakery. There is no need to spend on multiple storage collections. Many temp stations are built to nest, saving room in your kitchen cabinets. 

100% Ceramic  

The stoneware of temp-tations is 100% ceramic, such that the heat is uniformly spread. Ceramic ensures that it is naturally non-stick such that the food is not fried. 

Hand-colored and hand-made 

Each ceramic bakery is hand-painted and created by hand, so each piece is special.

Now some of the common questions and their answers :

Can you place temptations in the oven? 

Yeah sure, all Temp-tations® bakers can go straight to the oven from the freezer. However, let your baker and your oven heat up together as you do so. 

Are microwaves safe for temptations dishes? 

Yeah, of course, a microwave is safe for all temp-tations stoneware. When empty, bakers in the oven or microwave can trigger stoneware stress. dishwasher-safe.

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Temptations Bakeware Reviews

All temp-tations® bakers can go from the freezer directly to the oven. However, when doing so, allow your temp-tations® baker, and your oven to heat up together. (Put the stoneware in an unheated oven, turn on the oven, and allow both to come to desired cooking temperature simultaneously.)

  • temp-tations® melamine tableware and acrylic drinkware BPA-free
  • temp-tations® melamine tableware and acrylic drinkware dishwasher safe.
  • temp-tations® melamine tableware and acrylic drinkware lead-safe
  • temp-tations® acrylic drinkware is not intended for use with hot liquids.
  • temp-tations® melamine tableware and acrylic drinkware are not oven and microwave safe.
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